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Home-made bread Featured

Galletas caseras de mantequilla Galletas caseras de mantequilla
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For us, breakfast is one of the bests moments of the day, coffee smell, toasts....ummm can you smell it?.
Thats way our breakfast is different, do not expect a great buffet, what we offer is a homely breakfast with pasiego bread,  tipical sweets, and of course our home-made bread that we make with love, care and imagination... because we think that it is one of our great values.

We make home-made bread with different thing like nuts, oil, seeds, dry fruits...and so no...Would you like to know which do we have today?

Breakfast with homemade bread with plums and nuts, zucchini cake, and butter cookies.Butter cookies,  honey ties and pasiego bread.pan de pipas.JPGOur first country bread...Bread for dinners filled with onion.Pasiego bread, sobaos, butter cookies and homemade bread with seeds, and dry fruit.

And we really think that you deeply enjoy breakfast ....

Thanks Fernando Gallardo,  for pushing us to make this section...



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